Every year, the partnership with the League against Cancer brings together KIABI’s teams, customers and partners on the occasion of Pink October. Each shop is free to organise the event as it sees fit, in consultation with the delegation in its department.

Like any good retailer, KIABI regularly challenges its shops. Three years ago, Alexandru launched a challenge to his teams in Voiron. The result was 3,000 euros collected for Pink October. The following year, he decided to involve all sixteen shops in the Alps (+44% of the amount collected) and entered six teams under the colours of KIABI and La Ligue in the Grenoble Ekiden marathon. “It was an enriching human and sporting experience”, recalls Alexandru, who repeated the experience this year.

Despite the health context, the Voiron team is more mobilised than ever in 2020. The challenge has been relaunched at the regional level, which has once again exploded the collection counter (+38%). Alexandru plans to extend the challenge to other regions. “Buoyed by the success of the inter-regional challenge initiated with the yellow coin operation at the beginning of the year, we decided to offer each region the opportunity to participate in a national Pink October challenge. 18 regions took part, with results that exceeded expectations (+27% of collections in 2021).

The good news is that we will be able to help even more patients and families affected by the disease,” says Alexandru. Customers are increasingly generous and Kiabers are proud to be able to contribute to the mobilisation around Pink October. They discover that they are capable of building wonderful things and surpassing themselves. Like her team in Voiron, which managed to raise more than €5,000 this year. The awareness-raising stands play an important role,” says Alexandru, who is supported by a couple of volunteers from the League. At 80 years old, they still come to the shop two or three times to help us raise awareness among a maximum number of customers.

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