Offering everyone the opportunity to buy clothes and fashion accessories at low prices by helping the long-term unemployed return to work is the project of Les Trouvailles de Marlène, a solidarity shop run by the Ferme des Vanneaux in Roost-Warendin in the Hauts-de-France.

Since their creation in 2018, Les Trouvailles de Marlène has flourished. So much so that two other shops have opened in Aniches and Douchy-les-Mines. Kiabi chose the one in Roost-Warendin to set up its Petit Magasin with the support of La Sauvegarde du Nord. “This is not the first time we have crossed paths with Kiabi,” says Louis Gallois, president of the association, which has built its project around the fight against injustice and social inequality. “This partnership brings a new dynamic to the scheme, which enables us to place our work-based integration action on a long-term basis.

Five Kiabers from the Douai shop (Lilia, Lolita, Laurie, Élise and Anaïs) have committed themselves to the project along with their colleagues from merchandise and training. “We are responsible for developing the skills of the three sales advisers in the shop before they can consider returning to mainstream employment,” explains Anaïs, assistant at the Douai shop. This is one of the most beautiful projects we have at Kiabi,” says Bruno Resseguier, CSR Leader. It fits perfectly with our raison d’être and illustrates our local roots. Because it places the family at the heart of the model, enables inclusion through work and encourages textile recycling, the Petit Magasin ticks a lot of boxes.

The good news is that since its inauguration on 3 June, customers have been flocking to the store. It must be said that with the closure of ready-to-wear shops, the Petit Magasin in Roost-Warendin was eagerly awaited. “This is encouraging for the future of the project”, says Mustapha Zebdi, director of the Ferme des Vanneaux, with satisfaction.

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