The EHPAD has its carnival

The EHPAD has its carnival

“The event was almost cancelled because of the Covid epidemic and the lockdown,” recalls Justine, corporate lawyer at Kiabi. One of the two protagonists, with Nathalie, of the carnival organised on 27 February 2020 at the Résidence des Weppes.

This EHPAD in the Hauts-de-France region, managed by the Red Cross, is home to around fifty elderly people who come there after hospitalisation or during the holidays. “We had organised a fashion show with the residents two years ago and wanted to give them a different experience in which we took kiabers on board.

A moment of pure happiness accompanied by a karakoe, a blind test and a snack in the company of the staff and residents. Some of them stayed in costume all day,” says Justine, who would like to repeat this type of event every year. It’s hard to project yourself in the light of the health situation over the last few months,” she admits. But that doesn’t stop her from regularly checking in with the residents.

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