Kiabi and the Ligue Contre le Cancer have been working together for several years to create, renovate and decorate spaces for patients.

Jérémy has a hand in the success of these projects. In the space of three years, he has participated in the renovation and decoration of the Maison des usagers at the Lille University Hospital, a chemotherapy area at the private clinic Le Bois and, more recently, the creation of a patient reception area. Before launching into the work with the volunteer Kiabers, volunteers from partner associations and the League’s team, my role is first to assess the scale of the project,” comments Jérémy, who acts as project manager. With the team, we systematically meet with the stakeholders (medical staff, associations, workers) to gather their ideas and desires in order to propose a suitable layout. When possible, we organise an inauguration with the project stakeholders and patients.

His latest project: the fitting out of a wellness room in the premises of the Ligue Contre le Cancer in Lille. “We did the structural work, followed by the fitting out and decoration. The committee’s idea was to transform a storage room to welcome cancer patients as part of the individual support offered by the League.

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