For almost two years now, we have been experiencing one of the world’s most serious pandemics, and cancer is gaining ground.

Screenings have been suspended, diagnoses delayed, treatment deferred… People with cancer continue to pay a heavy price for the health crisis. “Depending on the type of cancer, the loss of chance is of the order of 10% per month”, notes the League. The effects of the pandemic, already catastrophic for patients, could prove disastrous and irreversible. This is why it is even more important to mobilise to support people affected by cancer.

This is the meaning of the appeal launched on 30 September to the Kiabi teams, in preparation for Pink October. “The League is facing an alarming situation. Sick people need you more than ever,” insists Sigrid Darmendrail, head of partnership development with companies at the League against Cancer. The actions initiated or supported by Kiabers as part of the 2021 edition of Pink October should partly reassure her. Like Kiabi United Day, initiated by Vincent and Juline, leaders of the Limoges and Poitiers shops. “The idea is to allow employees of the shops and central services to invest one day a year in the service of an association through fashion coaching and assistance in returning to work”.

In the other regions and countries where Kiabi is present, there is no shortage of ideas: awareness-raising on screening and learning self-palpation gestures in Hauts-de-France, collection of used ink cartridges, in-store prevention in Hautes-Alpes, “pink flames” in Chartres, awareness-raising by doctors in India, as well as in Shanghai and Hong Kong, speaking out on social networks in Italy, screening actions in Bangladesh and Russia, bag sales in Belgium… “The aim is to raise awareness among our consultants, our customers and our partners,” says Emeline, co-leader of the Voiron shop, who initiated a challenge to collect donations involving shops in the Alps and 18 other regions. “These actions are an opportunity for a wonderful communion with the Kiabi eco-system: families, friends, colleagues, partners”, testifies Anne, communication leader, who has been involved in the partnership with La Ligue since the beginning.

Among the highlights of this 2021 edition, the “Faster than Cancer” race, initiated by La Ligue, will take place on the weekend of 30 and 31 October. Everyone is invited to take part wherever they are over the distance they wish (2, 6, 12 kms, half-marathon, marathon) for a contribution of 5 euros paid to the departmental committees.

See you on 9 December at 1pm for an overview of the actions carried out within the framework of Pink October 2021

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